Hey everyone, looking for a little trade help. I have a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe II 50s and this guy wants to trade me his Music Man Silhouette HH with a Music Man trem bridge. Both would be traded with hard cases. BUT here's a little kicker for ya, he says it was owned by Tom Walker. We live in the same town that the Ernie Ball/Music Man factory is in. He does not, however, have the COA that Walker owned it. I like the guitar, but I think the trade value is somewhat off. What's your advice? Here are some pictures he sent me of the guitar:
PICT2651 2.jpg
I have no idea, but Silhouettes are very nice guitars either way.
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Yeah, the trade value is somewhat off, in your favor at least from my point of view. Can you prove that the Music Man isn't a counterfeit? Send MusicMan an inquiry about it. If you can and you like the guitar, go for it. I'm damn jealous.
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I'd do it.
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With out a COA, his story means nothing.

I do think that monetarily your getting the better deal, used Studios sell for $500-$700. The Musicman goes for $800+ depending on the model
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With out a COA, his story means nothing.

Didn't even notice the story bit
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Bugera cloning Blackstar is a scandal cloaked in a tragedy making love to a nightmare.

"Owned by" means pretty much nothing unless the guitar itself is iconic. Keef's five-string telecaster, yes. One of John 5's random telecasters, no.
I it is a real MM, the build quality is probably well beyond your Gibson.
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Alright. I was checkin' used prices and they seemed about the same. I was gonna meet him yesterday but, of course, I've had food poisoning the last couple days and couldn't get off the couch. I'll keep you all updated soon and hopefully I'll be able to post a NGD thread