So the guitar itself is pretty great yet the pickups cause lots of problem when it comes to the sound , I use a Spider IV 30 I tried everything to get a decent tone but its either way heavy or not just good.
I think that guitar and the amp is the worst combination possible but I also have a POD X3 Live to back my amp up (it has to repaired due to some power issues) but I doubt it will make any diffrence.
Is it possible to switch to humbuckers on active guitars?
Would it sound good ?
Erm... The Actives are humbuckers.

New amp, actives will just make a line six spyder sound shitter than it normally does, because it the pre-amp in the pick ups are pushing the volume, (Am I right on that one? Someone will correct me if I'm wrong though!)
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IMO spider is either too heavy or too soft there is nothing in between
ok lets say it like this am i able to replace the active humbuckers with passive humbuckers
Yeah you can replace the actives with passive humbuckers if you really want to. It's not really the best course of action though, tbh. My experience with Line 6 amps, especially the spiders, is that they don't respond to high gain all that well, and those active pickups are high gain(if I'm not mistaken schecter puts SD blackouts in the hellraiser. High gain, basically made for metal).

If you can, get a better amp and keep the active pickups.
guitar is made for metal yet some youtubers i saw achived a great song using pod x3 live and 1 of my guitars but they all used blackstar or mesa stuff so its normal maybe i should get a tube amp ?
Fix that X3. A tube amp isn't going to help you much, but that X3 will.
And consider just getting an FRFR setup to go with it; . (Flat Response Full Range).