Sup guys? Just making a fun thread to boost Fender's ego.lol You know what? I think we should take a moment to praise the specialists at Fender..there are so many great sounds and tones we would NOT have without them. What about Cobain's grunge tone with the '65 Twin Reverb? Cobain's Mustang, Jaguar, then mixing the 2 for the Jag-Stang? What about Hendrix? Lets face facts...Fender OVERRALL is the best brand, simply because they excell at every type of instrument, equipment for that intrument, etc. Now they aren't PERFECT for EVERYTHING, but they have a whole lot of good in most areas of things. Even their SOLID STATES are pretty great (obviously not compared to their tube amps), but they are my PERSONAL favorite solid states. I mean have you heard the new Fender Champion solid state (replacing the frontman)? So many different voices that range from the lightest distortion, to a pretty decent heavy metal distortion (modeled after super-sonic of course), and goes from the most classic, vintage, bright cleans, to the warmest tone of all cleans. I am a Fender FREAK for life How about you guys?! #FenderFreak
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What about my join date and name?lol Look man, I just talk about equipment a little too much with people to where its annoying, so I thought I should make an account on here to just talk to other people who also have a great love for equipment. Hints the name EquipmentHead.lol