Hey guys,

Yesterday I loaded a new toneprint to my Flashback delay and noticed a minor problem. When running the pedal on the toneprint setting, it will only produce sound if the effect is on. On all other delay settings, my guitar signal goes through whether the pedal is on or off. Has anybody else experienced this, and what was your solution?
In the toneprint editor you probably flicked on the Kill dry setting right on the top of the editor (i think that's what it's called).

I think it's for use in parallel effects loops, normally enabled by one of the internal switches!
^^Thanks! I'll hook it up and try again. I haven't used the toneprint editor yet, nor their new interface until yesterday, as it's been awhile since I updated any toneprints. This was a new John Petrucci toneprint so I didn't bother looking at tweaking it with the editor. Maybe it is preset for "kill dry."

Have you done much with the toneprint editor? Is there any way to save it on my computer so I don't have to download it every time? Also, I'm interested in creating some toneprints for my Hall of Fame pedal. I want to start with its modulated reverb setting and then start adjusting from there. Is there a way that you can start with an existing mode and then tweak from there?
Jaybals nailed it. The TonePrint editor lets you switch the dry-kill on/off without opening up the pedal itself. Whatever patch you downloaded had dry-kill engaged. In a parallel effects loop, dry-kill produces only the wet signal to make it easier to blend the loop's volume with your dry signal. Nothing that would be of any use with your Peavey.