Not too long ago I got a 2006 epiphone goth Les paul from a trade for an old Korean ovation. I don't really care what the guitar looks like. I'm not a huge fan of the Celtic cross thing on it.
Anyway, I scored two pickups for pretty cheap on eBay and installed them yesterday. There is now a Seymour Duncan sh-1 in the neck, and a Gibson burstbucker 3 in the bridge. After tons of fooling with the height they are set at, and learning how the volume dials work with this set up, and the tone ones, I completely love the sound of this guitar. To me, this has an amazing Les Paul growl, and cleans up really nice with the volume dials.

I'm really loving this guitars sound and feel. I just need to bring it up to the best local guitar tech and see why I have a little fret buzz on the low e string. Might be the nut. Once that problem is gone I'm going to have a cheap beater guitar that I absolutely love. I am very happy with this pickup combo.