I recently got the chance to play through the Egnater Renegade Amp and I loved the fact that it had 6L6 and EL34 which can be used independently on each channel. Now I wonder:
Are there other amps like that or similar? They don't necessarily need the tube mix function of the renegade but maybe so I can select 6L6 tubes on the clean channel and ELs on dirty channel. Or something like that...
I know power tubes only have a subtle influence on the sound of an amp and so on...really I'm just curious wether there are more amps like that
/13 has a bunch of models that use two different power sections, but they've got a lot of models and their naming system is obnoxious so I can't find quickly if they have that exact combo. I know I played one that had an El34/6V6 section, and I know they have a 6V6/EL84 amp as well.
I think the RA, like most Mesa's, just has the option to run either, but not a mix of them.
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I think the RA, like most Mesa's, just has the option to run either, but not a mix of them.

i am pretty sure in a MKIV you can mix EL34's and 6L6's, but the EL34s have to be in the center positions.

DO NOT DO THAT UNLESS YOU SEE IT FOR SURE. but i think they do, but am not positive.
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I have a Carvin TS100 50W/50W stereo tube power amp. You can set up one side with 6L6s and the other with EL34s.
egnater can mix tubes but im not sure they do 6l6 and el34????
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