Hi guys

I have been snooping around the internet, looking for affordable pedals for my bass. However, when I find something I like, it seems that a few of the reviewers had bad experiences with quality. I know you won't get something great for 50$, but something that won't break would be nice too.

If anyone could suggest pedals that last long and sound decent for about 30-50$, that would be of great help.
I am looking for something along the line of over-drive or distortion and will hopefully be using it for small gigs in pubs.
^ You'll probably get more/better answers in the bass forum. Some of us in here play bass too, but (at least in my case ) I'm much more a guitar player than bass player.
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You are not going to find much (if anything) for bass in that price range new. Most companies make about a dozen guitar pedals for each bass pedal, so the pickings are not as good for bassists. Look for a used EHX Big Muff Bass distortion. You should be able to find one used for around US$40.00 or so.
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