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I was talking about this with my Dad the other day..what are your guys favourite tv show endings?

Personal favourites are the ending to Scrubs (well, 8th season, when it should have ended). Emotional and really well written.

Malcolm In The Middle had a good ending.

And the ending to Blackadder was pretty genius in my opinion. Funny, really poewrful, and I still don't know how a show like that managed to pull off and ending like that.

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I dont think i know the ending to malcolm in the middle

And for the question: scrubs was good, the tv ending to the imbetweeners was good
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the sopranos was the greatest of all time and all other answers are wrong

The greatest ending was clearly the last episode of season 6 of Red Dwarf.
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Breaking bad hands down.

worst: dexter.
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Breaking Bad
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It work well when shows end leaving something to the imagination rather then handing you a fairlytale ending on a silverplatter
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the sopranos was the greatest of all time and all other answers are wrong

Yeah, this is probably correct. It took me about 15 minutes of sitting in front of the TV for it to hit me, but when it did I was like whoa.

The end of Six Feet Under was the most complete and satisfying I've ever seen, but not in a "oh, we just did it to make our fans happy" way. It was just really perfect. It also wrecked my shit and I cried like a little girl.
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Breaking bad hands down.

worst: dexter.


Dexter as a series deserved a better ending
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the sopranos was the greatest of all time and all other answers are wrong

trailer park boys tho he he
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Breaking Bad's ending was nothing to write home about.

After the finale, I got out a piece of stationary and wrote a lengthy letter to my mother, explaining the satisfaction I received from watching the conclusion of that particular television series. Took 5 days to reach her.

So yeah, you're wrong about that.

Breaking Bad
Lost (fuk da haters)
30 Rock

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Dexter as a series deserved a better ending

Dexter as a series should've stopped at season 4.

If anything just forget about the other seasons and tack on the series finale scene where he decides to
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at the end of season 4 and call it a series.

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Lost (fuk da haters)

I recently watched the whole series. The ending had me tearing up in a few spots but I was still disappointed; you know cause I am the authority on good tv endings (this is sarcasm).
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Breaking Bad
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Also good.

And a few anime shows I won't list because then I'll get judged >.>
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best: the sopranos, breaking bad, battlestar galactica, the wire, lost
worst ending : x-files

X-files was supposed to end with a movie about the alien invasion, but the movie before it flopped so they just didn't bother. ;_;
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Freaks and Geeks, as good or better than anything mentioned up to this point.
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Breaking Bad had a fantastic ending wrapped everything up the way it should, but still left some room to breath. I am also on board with Dexter going on too long the Trinity killer was the last season I truly enjoyed if I remember correctly. The ring of rapist wasn't totally bad, but when the poisoner love interest came around, OMG. It got really ridiculous towards the end, and the ending was the worst, I mean, did he continue to hunt? Was he just some bearded truck driver? What the hell?
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Scrubs and Frasier were the only sitcoms I was invested in where the finale was satisfying and I will still watch today.

I liked the montage at the end of The Wire but not so much the last season.
the twilight zone, the bewitchin' pool

that last episode is one of the best
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Breaking Bad wrapped up too neatly. It should've been, I dunno, uglier.

The Sopranos is how you end a show.
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Wow I don't think I've ever actually seen a whole show until its end before, this is sad lol
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The last episode of Season 1 The Walking Dead. Because the show slowly started to suck, Then theyy go all out in Season 3. T_T
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I like the end of Cheers, especially the talk Sam has with Norm.

Malcolm's was pretty good, and one of the best episodes of their weakest season.

And as for Breaking Bad; Breaking Bad is a show that appreciates its fans and the finale represents this by giving the fans EXACTLY what they would want. An entertaining, at times unpredictable and satisfying end to the story that provides closure. To give anything less that what they did would be a slap in the face.
Home Movies ends on such a sudden, depressing note. Gets me right in the feels.
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best: the sopranos, breaking bad, battlestar galactica, the wire, lost
worst ending : x-files

The ending to X Files was God awful, don't get me wrong. But it was not as bad as the season 7 conclusion to the Samantha Mulder case. That was the biggest let down I've ever experienced.

King of the Hill had a great ending. You find out what Boomhauer does and Bobby and Hank finally understand each other.
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Walking Dead sucked hardcore by episode 3 or so

Breaking Bad's is the best I've seen

Worst: Dexter and Firefly are tied (but for two completely different reasons)

This kinda makes me sad because I just realized most of the series finales I've watched have been kinda middle of the road, like Fringe, Lost, The Office, Battlestar Galactica... But I guess most of the shows I watch are still going.
Weeds makes me almost cry the happiest tears every time. That shit gives me the chills just thinking about it.
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