I recently replaced stock Grover tuners on my Gibson SG Menace for a set of Grover SG301s with H.A.P. Stock tuners were perfectly fine but I won the Gotohs in an auction for super cheap and they are lighter in weight than Grovers so I made the modification.

These tuners have height-adjustable posts, I didn't bother and adjusted them so they were all the same height. The posts ended up being a bit higher than before, resulting in less string break angle over the nut.

I don't know if it is me or is it for real, but to me the guitar now sounds slightly thinner, like some of the "fatness" is gone.
At first I thought that this happens because the headstock now has less mass. But a friend told me that it's because there's less string break angle over the nut.

So the question is: how does the string angle affect the sound (and probably tuning stability)? How should I set the posts? I can't really play much with the height to find it out myself because I would have to slacken the strings completely to do so.
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Slacken the strings and try. It affects tension over the nut. You're best off just adjusting it rather than losing tone. I would lower them as much as you can while still being able to wind the strings on them properly, which will be lower for the thinner strings than the fatter ones. I have a fender with staggered tuners and the posts for the first four string are like little nubs almost, about half the height of the other two.
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