Anybody have one? I am picking up a 100 watt head and 4x12 Marshall cab on a trade tomorrow.

I know is has metal tones that will peel the paint off the walls and plenty of clean headroom on the right channel. What is the moderate gain like? Like a good classic rock tone with some crunch. If it can do it, I'd be very happy.

FWIW, the reason why I am trading for an amp I don't know much about that the guitar I am trading away does not get any play. I only play my S2 Cu24, so stuff not getting played needs to go in favor of other gear.

I am doing the swap with my guitar tech. He could use my SE 245 much more than I can right now, and he made the offer for the trade.
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i had one for a little while. i thought it felt a little strange under the fingers- it's not totally all-tube (though mostly is tube), whether i could actually genuinely feel a difference or whether it was psychological, I dunno.

I was starting to like it more with more tweaking but then it died on me so i took that as a sign and get a refund

mid gain tones were not bad for a high gainer IIRC.

Also genz benz is more or less defunct now (I think). and stores were blowing out the amps there recently. So I'm not sure if that's a fair trade on your part, either.
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