so im planning on buying my first electric guitar ive been playing acoustic for about 2 years now and im just really not sure about what kind to get im looking for something with a kinda punk/alternative sound like do you have any certain brands/pickups or guitar in general that would work?????
whats your price range brah
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I'd say Epiphone, I've got one, and all that stuff people say about Epiphones being crap is wrong/exaggerated for the most part. Mine is the Standard Plus Top, for $499, you can get a lot of tones out of it. If you're going for something cheaper the regular standard isn't too bad either. There's also Fender. which might have something close to your price range. I would stay away from Squire, unless you've got your heart set on one, in which case go ahead.
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Epis are sweet but i think schecter right now is in their own 'golden age' of guitar manufacturing. I personally think you just get more guitar for your dollar with them on lower to mid range guitars. A lot of older brands dip down in quality over years and years for whatever reasons (a convo for another time) but with a newer one (like Schecter) you know they're still in the process of making a name for themselves thus crafting quality sweet instruments. Thats my theory to that anyway.

So shcecter is a good brand to look at, along with ESP. Probably a typical answer but you can't go wrong with either imo.
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I'm partial to LTDs and Schecters in that range.

On a budget for a first guitar you can't really go wrong with a MIM strat or tele for 250 used on craigslist. They are bargains because everyone usually owns once at some point in their life. If you don't like it later on when you are more experienced and know what to look for brah you can sell it, break even, and buy what you like brah.
all you really need is something with humbuckers, and in you price range, but I second an epiphone.
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Get yourself a nice LTD.I have two and theyre excellent.My epiphone explorer is really nice too and that was less than £300 brand new.Dont be afraid to buy second hand too as you can get alot of bang for your buck buying used.
Full disclosure: I'm not the voice of experience here, just getting back into playing after being gone many years. That being said, I just scored a very nice "gently pre-owned" Epiphone G-400 that is in amazing condition, and paid less than $200 US for it. Don't shy away from used gear; you may wind up finding a real gem for a bargain.
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