Hi guys

I've found a pedal brand, Joyo, online, and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with it on bass? I've seen a few videos and read a bunch of reviews. They range from great, like people saying they play better than Boss pedals, to "It'll probably break before it arrives".

So I was just wondering if anyone has had any playing experience, and can tell me if they will last and be okay to play small gigs with.

Thanks a bunch
I don't personally but there are plenty of people that do. On the talkbass forum the joyo ultimate drive gets a lot of love. They sound like sturdy pedals, mainly boss clones, I advised our guitarist to get their crunch distortion and it's a nice pedal.
They're pretty ok, I had 2 up until recently.

Joyo Actone: Vox in a Box, sounded great and was well built. Very versatile and many parameters. I only got rid of it when I bought my MXR Blowtorch.

Joyo Delay: Brilliant for the money, but if you use it a lot you'll soon be looking at getting an upgrade. That said, the pedal that I recently got as an upgrade was about 10x more expensive than the joyo (TC Flashback x4).
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they're mostly clones of pretty well-regarded circuits (very few actual boss clones, though).

reliability is the concern. mine have been fine, but i've heard a lot of complaints as well, and from people who know what they're talking about. i wouldn't trust them for gigging (that's not to say they'd definitely break, just i wouldn't trust them). For light home use, if you want to try a circuit without forking out far more money for the real thing, they're probably fine (at least if you buy new with warranty).
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