I've been thinking about adding another overdrive pedal to my collection (only got a Bad Monkey and Boss ME-50 mfx).

I'm looking at good but cheap pedals like my bad monkey as I can't justify spending more than 50 quid (about 70 dollars I think) on a pedal.

I was thinking about stacking two pedals together to get a higher gain tone as I'm playing through a Fender Blues Deville and it doesn't distort easily which I like most of the time but I also want distortion sometimes without blowing my head of with the volume (I play with a drummer and bassist but only in a small room).

1) Can anyone recommend an overdrive pedal to go with my bad monkey? Preferably one that sounds a bit different so I have the option to use the new pedal alone and have a different tone. I was looking at a Joyo Overdrive as it seems to have good reviews and is cheap.

2) Can anyone recommend a higher gain pedal that might get me towards a metal tone? The metal pedal simulators on the ME-50 mfx don't sound like I want them to.

3) What is the tonal difference between an amp like a 6505/dual rec etc, compared to a clean amp with a metal type distortion pedal? Is it just the closed back makes the bass tighter?
Joyo seem to be a good way to go for the cheaper options. They have lots of different clones available, maybe their plexi-style OD? It depends what kind of stacking possibilities you want. A second tubescreamer-type pedal for that SRV stacked sound?

I quite like running a cleaner boost (in the form of my Keeley BD-2) in to my gainier Tubescreamer.
You could try the EHX Soul Food as a second, cleaner OD?
The JOYO distortion one...the one with the weird red face, is pretty good. I think it is modelled on a OCD. If you want high gain sounds another alternative may be a mooer, the Blade distortion is pretty good, but it really comes down to what sort of tone you are wanting.
I have the EHX Glove & East River Drive. Both excellent pedals.

The East River Drive is supposedly a TS clone, I use it as a light crunch but it goes through to probably medium gain tones. The Glove is my medium gain pedal, but it'll go a bit heavier than that - probably not up to metal levels of distortion though.

Both cost under £50, both have earned a permanent place on my board.
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which joyo overdrive are you looking at? the vintage od is a tubescreamer clone and (IMO) sounds too close to the bad monkey to be much use for what you want. Assuming you want to use it like a boost, you probably want a more transparent-sounding overdrive. on the cheap, the digitech screamin blues is pretty decent.
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Imo the Boss Sd1 is a good compliment to the bm. Its crispier and grittier and they stack well together
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