Hey man, first off, loved the tone!!! Overall very solid technique, in some parts your picking motion seemed a little big, and it seemed like you were a bit too tense for the fast picking part of the solo, but really, it all sounded good so who cares!?!?!! You nailed this song dude!!! Very impressive stuff!!!!! How did you get your tone btw?

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I realise I got a little too excited on that part

Also, I get the tone directly from my amp (Peavey Bandit 112) on 'Modern' distortion channel, with less gain (6-7) and reverb (2-3) on rythm and then 8-9 gain and 9-10 reverb on lead.
Pretty low mids (around 3) and high bass and highs (7-8). Then I record it with my phone (I don't even know if this is what you asked me, but I hope it is lol)
Sounds good dude. Nailed the solo so no complaints from me lol. Best parts were the short rests, your timing is spot the **** on all the way through
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