I love the crazy sounds that you can make with the Boss DD-7's external expression pedal, but, while the DD-7 is great, I still want to keep other delay pedal options open. I really know nothing about external expression pedals – how does compatibility work with these things?

Ideally, you would be able, to, you know, just plug an external expression pedal into anything and go, but I imagine it's much messier than that.
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Ideally, you would be able, to, you know, just plug an external expression pedal into anything and go

Basically yes, anything that has an expression pedal input
Okay great – so I am assume any pedal that has expression pedal input also has some way of selecting which parameter you want the expression pedal to operate?

This is way easier than what I was fearing.
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^ I would probably treat each pedal on its own merits... some might let you select the parameter but some might not. I wouldn't assume it'll let you in case it won't.
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The multifx I've used that have an exp pedal input allow you to select the parameter. Zoom G3/G5 and Line 6 M5. The Line-6 doesn't select the parameter per say. It reads all the parameters heel down, and then all the parameters heel-up. Then all parameters that changed are modified during operation. Usually the pedals have a 10K-25K internal pot and a 1/4" TRS connector.

The M-Audio EX-P is a cheap but functional exp pedal at $30. It has a polarity switch for compatibility and is dubbed a "Universal" exp pedal.
the effect your after is usually associated with digital and multi effects processors (pedal and rack form). you usually just assign the pedal to what parameter you want to control.

moog pedals generally have every parameter on the pedal routed to a designated jack

as you can see there are a number of jacks available to plug an expression pedal or control signal to that can control the parameters.

i have modified some guitar pedals so that the pot is removed and the wiring goes to a TRS jack that you can plug an expression pedal to. but that is more than most people are willing to do.
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