I don't have a lot of hair left to begin with, and this project has caused me to pull out what little remains. Please help me.

I have two newer 5-wire true Bill Lawrence (Bill & Becky / Wilde) humbuckers, and L500L and an L500XL.

Attached is the wiring color chart. White is hot, red and green are for spliting, black and blue are ground. In Seymour Duncan terms, I believe the red and white are for splitting, the black is hot, and the shield and green are ground.

I have two on/on/on mini switches, one volume, one tone, one three-way toggle switch.

(This guitar is like a vintage BC rich, in that it also has a varitone and an active preamp, etc. All that's wired up still, but the pickups are not, so if I can just get this pickups wired correctly to the two mini on/on/on toggle switches and the one main three-way toggle switch, I'd be good to go)

I'm not sure what's best (input needed), but I would like to retain my switches as they are, but I would like to be able to somehow either A) Tap each pickup, or B) series / split / parallel each pickup, or C) do one tap and one phase switch...

Thoughts? Please help. I cannot figure this out.

Ah, crap. A little oversight on my part... you'd need 3 switches. One phase switch and two series/split/parallel switches (one for each pickup). Phase switching only works when multiple pickups are used at the same time, so putting each pickup on a phase switch is redundant and unnecessary.

Also, the phase switch needs to be on-on, not on-on-on. The latter will just short the pickup that it is connected to to ground. I guess If you only had that pickup selected then you could use it as a mute or kill switch.
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