I've used songsterr.com and i like the options it has but i'd prefer an independent program. I have tabview which works w/ powertab files, but power tab files are generally hard to find. It seems like guitar pro might be the best, but $60 is a bit much. What do oyu guys prefer? I love the ability to view and slow down tabs while listening to them. It's a really invaluable tool for improvement, imo.
guitar pro is my weapon of choice. tux guitar is an awesome free alternative though.
I use GP5 myself. Nice, simple interface, easy to get good results with and the midi sounds are good (imo). It does have some minor glitches and one major one (it leaks memory, so you have to restart it after some usage), but I can live with that.

I've tried GP6 as well, but didn't like it. Its RSE sound worse than the midi (imo), palm mutes are barely audible, the interface isn't as easy as in GP5 and the drum notation is incredibly clunky to work with. The only thing I like about GP6 is the lack of GP5's memory leak and being able to use 8-string guitars.

I've tried powertab and tuxguitar as well. Didn't like powertab, sort of liked tuxguitar. Powertab felt incomplete and tuxguitar seems to be a GP5 clone that's lacking in the UI/midi sounds (which is why I use GP5 instead).
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hmm...tux isn't working for me. I'm on a mac and downloaded the mac version. The DL worked fine, but when I try to open the file, the penguin icon just bounces for a few seconds and disappears. Ugh.
Guitar Pro 6 is less than $40 new

as far as your tuxguitar problem, it runs using Java so I'd make sure you have the latest version, and I think you might have to make sure you have the 32-bit java as well. I dont think it will work with 64 bit java

edit: but guitar pro 6 is inferior in my opinion. I can't seem to find a place to buy GP5, but that one is a lot smaller, intuitive and it doesn't feel cluttered. There are places you can download it I'm sure though
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