I'm a rhythm guitarist who knows virtually nothing about solos, so I was wondering what techniques are used in solos by bands like Green Day, Offspring, and Blink 182. I mean, whenever I look for for techniques I always get "useful for blues/bluegrass/heavy metal/classic rock/whatever". I just wanted to see if there was punk stuff out there.
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billie joe seems to have started playing some lead guitar recently- i haven't analysed it or anything but it sounds like pretty standard bluesy-classic-rock type stuff.

some of the other stuff might have more like lead melodic bits rather than solos. I guess that might be punk.
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Yeah most punk solos are just angry, pissed off blues solos that got a little ragged around the edges
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First off, you have to throw technique and discipline out of the window, and then you just rip blues scales.
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