Kinda stupid question....I sometimes cach myself thinking about other stuff when I play...Even when i play songs which i cant play 100% correctly...Does this mean that I don't like music?...Because i actually do....My dad also once told me that if music gets you distracted it means that you like it, but im not sure about that...
I am typing this response to you in regard to your query in which you summarize the fact that ....uh, uh....well.....Sorry I got distracted...what were you asking?

We all do it...I usually zone-out watching the pretty girls dance wile we're playing...I've only missed a couple solos lol
I don't know how normal it is, but it's nice to know that I'm not the only person who does it.

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I imagine everybody daydreams a little bit, you can't maintain 100% focus all the time. And music is kind of "spiritual" for lack of a better word and takes you away, sometimes far away.

But if you're trying to practice and aren't really concentrating on what you're dong, it's probably time to start practicing a different song.
It means you're improving. Think of when you drive a car, you can probably sing to the radio, day dream and even hold a conversation while driving just fine, because you've done it so often your muscle memory improves. Playing music is becoming more and more automatic for you. Unless its effecting the way you play and you are messing up a lot its not a distraction issue. Its just you are genuinely getting more and more used to playing and likely enjoying it more. (You can probably cut lose and enjoy the song more when you aren't consciously wondering what chord to hit next.
Sounds like you're bored with music.
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I dunno about normal but it happens to me
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I have ADD and this happens to me frequently. I find it useful to take on concrete tasks when I practice. Decide what you want to accomplish and just sit down for an hour and do it. Sometimes singing along with what you're playing helps.

Avoiding screens and such helps, too.
I've almost falling asleep while doing repetitive exercises. It would be nice to get that, practice while sleeping...yeah!