Hey guys I really got into ghost and now I want try to play their songs. However I don't know what tuning I should be in or how to set up my amp for it. I would like to play songs from their recent album infestissumam. Keep this in mind that I'm using a Line 6 spider 4 30 watt amp.
any help or nudge in the right direction would be very helpful.
If you want a ghost tone, all you have to do is nab a neighborhood cat, put it in a bag, then run it over with your car. Then once that happens open the bag back up, defecate into the bag, light it on fire all while filming it with your Iphone 3. Then upload to youtube on the lowest quality setting and that should get you pretty close. Be sure to give us a soundcloud once you've achieved the shittiest burnt pussy smell of a tone ever.
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they play in standard tuning

From what I heard, they play in D standard.

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Hey guys I really got into ghost


Kill yourself...

Ok kidding but there are many better bands out there. Keep looking my friend...