Hey, looking to get some new tubes for my amp as I don't have any spares and wouldn't mind treating to something a bit better considering I use it almost exclusively now.

Amp is a Marshall Slash SL5 and currently running the stock tubes. It's a fairly toppy amp, which I like, so something to accentuate the top end would be nice. Uses a single EL34 and 3x ECC83's.

In terms of price, I'm pretty flexible. Let's set the bar at ~$120 for the lot. I know that JJ's are the bog standard, but if NOS valves are really going to be that much different then I could go for some.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Check out an old RCA 12ax7 if you can. From my experience (not much) the RCA seems bright but in a really musical way. If you're amp has a thick sound it'll stay thick, but add a lil shine. It seems to work well for crispy gain too. I got mine for $30 used but it still sounds good.

I really like old GE 12ax7s too. I have a handful of those now ($12-20). I wouldn't say they're bright or dark, they sound deeper and more lively and growl-y than other tubes I've tried.
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