Another Parker, this time in lime gold with MIDI. Parkers play incredibly well due to the ss frets + carbon glass fretboard - NO idea why they aren't more popular. Th curves are also ridiculously sexy.

Want to Buy:

Awesome color on that Parker. Indeed their fretboards are really something else.
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That is about the coolest thing I've seen all morning! Grats!
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awesome i always thought parkers looked cool, but then i'm not really in the "if it doesn't look like a strat, tele or les paul it looks wrong" camp (though I like the classics too, don't get me wrong).
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I have a Parker Fly Artist in white and it is one of my favourite guitars.
Plays really well and the fret board and frets are always quite clean and easy to maintain.
Mine has piezos and mags that all sound amazing, with coil tap push pull knob and all.
I guess the price is the main reason they are not so popular with everyone
Got mine used though for a reasonable price, so I can't complain.
I've never particularly wanted a Parker but my god is that thing sexy! HNGD!!!!!!!
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Love Parkers, and have at least a couple on my G.A.S. list.

OK, Stealthtastic, you've had several stunning NGDs the past few days, so I'll ask: did you rob a guitar store?
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OK, Stealthtastic, you've had several stunning NGDs the past few days, so I'll ask: did you rob a guitar store?

My take - eBay shopping spree or actually "Next Guitar Display"
HNGD! Amazing colour.
What kind of tone do these guitars have? What music does it suit?
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Amazing color, I love metallic finishes. HNGD!
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Damn, that's nice. But what do the switches do? Guitars with multiple switches are a Good Thing.
HNGD. Looks sweet.
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Wow that is awesome. I've always loved parkers. I've played some mojos. And I owned a mii that had an awesome neck. But I'm sure none of them could compare to this custom. LOVE the color. Sweet pick up man.