FS: Guitar Effects - Lovetone, Real McCoy, EHX, George Dennis, Bixonic - UK

I have 8 Pedals for sale. Lovetone, Real McCoy Custom, George Dennis, Electro Harmonix, Visual Sound, Bixonic and Snarling Dogs.

Reason for selling: just want to free up some cash for other things, sadly I don't use these pedals as much as I would like. Thought someone else might get more use out of them while fullfilling my need for extra cash. It seems a particular shame to see the rarer pedals just sitting in a cupboard.

They are in unboxed but in excellent condition. They have never been gigged, never even left my house since I bought them, and only played occasionally (hobbyist). The Lovetone pedals are, as I'm sure you know, incredibly rare. These are all originals, no copies/clones and all were purchased new some years ago. I've linked a couple of photos showing all of the pedals, if you want more photos of any individual pedals just let me know and I'll provide them.

Prices and pedals:

Lovetone Wobbulator, Lovetone Big Cheese, Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde, Bionix Expandora II
Real McCoy Custom RMC-1, Snarling Dogs Super Bawl Whine-O, George Dennis GD-100 Wizard Rock, Electro Harmonix Small Stone

Lovetone Wobbulator: £600
Lovetone Big Cheese: £350
Real McCoy Custom RMC-1: £100 (note: This actually says RMC-3 on the bottom of the pedal but I'm 100% certain it isn't an RMC-3 and is in fact and RMC-1, not sure why it says this).
Bixonic Expandora II (EXP 2001): £100
Electro Harmonix Small Stone (Russian version - Black): £50
George Dennis GD-100 Wizard Rock: No idea what its worth, make me and offer, maybe its worth £75 or something, dunno.
Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde(v.1 - Silver): £75
Snarling Dogs Super Bawl Whine-O Wah: £100

These prices are rough, I'm open to offers. In reality I have no idea what they're worth I'm just going off some historic prices I can find. I'm also willing to do a bit of a deal if you want a couple of them (or all!). If they are to be shipped, I can probably just do shipping for free assuming the price isn't too low and shipping isn't too expensive. Will deal internationally in exceptional circumstances but I shipping would be extra as would the stress for me!

I'm based in the UK, coming to look at the pedals will be difficult (impossible depending on timing) due to work commitments, but I may be able to come to you or meet you somewhere. Just depends on location and timing but let me know if you're interested and we can sort something out. I'm also happy to complete transaction via paypal or whatever and post them out to you. I don't mind either way but I'm keen to make sure both parties are comfortable with the transaction, selling/ buying privately online can be pretty daunting and I'd like a smooth transaction.

Any questions, request then please let me know.