Hi guys!

I continued my video-reviews with a comparison with these two nice overdrives. They have pretty much in common tone-wise, even though their designs are quite different (as far as I know).

Electro-harmonix Soul Food is a clone of the famous Klon Centaur pedals. Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive is a Björn Juhl desing hand-wired in Finland.

On this clip I played three different guitars (Custom 22, LP Studio, Tokai tele) with various amounts of gain and styles. All the guitars were played through a Suhr Badger 18 amp and Orange PPC212 cabinet.

Tell us what you think.
Mad professor Sweet Honey OD vs EHX Soul Food

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Very nice video/sound quality. I like this kind of review.
Very nice video, I personally prefer the sound of the MP.

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Both sound great but the Soul Food is so fat. Awesome!
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Good vid. Nice comparison!
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