Start with "brass" strings, (80/20 alloy).

Pretty much nothing else gives your sound a, "twang", like a Fender Twin Reverb. Fender's spring reverb tanks are, (were?), the best around. The Twin is especially good, because the tank runs almost the whole length on the cabinet. That's 2-12" speaker lengths of goodness.

Lacking one of those, audition various separate reverbs, until you find one you like. Most of them have plenty of "twiddle room", and plenty of knobs, to get you where you want to go.

Using a hefty amount of digital delay can do a lot as well. Here we're dealing with very short delay times, but copious levels of delay and feedback.

And believe it or not, the building you're playing in can help quite a bit. You living room is going to suck, (too much carpet and furniture), but both your church and the cinder block gas station on the corner, would give you heap mucho plenty de, "twang"