Hey all. I just had a quick question regarding pickups--sorry if this is the wrong thread!

I just got my guitar back from the shop and my humbuckers are quite 'unlevel' if you know what I mean -- it's much closer to the bass strings than the treble strings. When I've adjusted humbuckers I've always kept them perfectly level, like so it looks straight when viewed from the side.

Is there a reason the guy put them unlevel and should it always be this way and I've been doing it wrong? (I basically think it looks a lot better level and haven't noticed any sound issues with it :P)

They're open coil buckers if that makes any difference.

Thank you!
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Its to do with volume. Closer they are the louder they tend to be. Im more a rhythm player but i still have the higher strings side raised slightly higher to the strings than the lower side.
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It's normal to have pickups set that way.

There is no special rule that governs how pickups should be adjusted. It's entirely preference.

Bridge pickups tend to be higher than neck pickups because the output of the strings is weaker in that area. So the pickups are raised closer to the strings to compensate, so that the bridge and neck pickups are roughly the same volume as one another. This is also the case with having the pickup raised at the bass strings than the treble strings, as action tends to be set higher to allow the bass strings to vibrate freely. To compensate, the bass side of the pickup is raised slightly, which is what you're seeing on your guitar.
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Plug it in and pick the low string, then the high string, then compare volumes. Don't adjust the pickups for how they look, adjust so that the volume is equal.

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