After a long period of covering tracks by numerous artists I have decided upon recording one of my own tracks. The Awakening is a shred guitar/metalcore instrumental in which I tried to ballance the amount of fast runs and lovely melodies. I hope that you like it. Of course, as always, C4C.


Man, i LOVED your note choice. Fit perfectly with the track. Very impressive playing. Loved that first really fast run you did. Maybe add a little more vibrato to some of the notes? BUT past that, its pretty much great dude! Keep it up!!! Glad to hear an original by you! Ive seen a bunch of your covers, which are good, but this was badass!!!
Very good writing for this song, I liked the transitions and the use of cleans. However, I did notice that the guitars are mostly panned to the left. I would suggest recording the rhythm track at least one more time to provide thickness and overall symmetry in the song. I know you have your leads going on the right but I think the leads panned in the center will give it more presence. Just my personal opinion, of course. Overall very well written, and I look foreward to hear some of your other stuff.

First of all, awesome playing!! I also really enjoyed a lot of those note choices. Very melodic.

Overall, I think this is a great song that is pretty well-written. However, it does feel like it's lacking energy due to the way the guitars are panned. Having the rhythm guitars double tracked, panned left and right, and the leads closer to the center would give it the punch that it needs, I think.

Also, that solo that starts at around :54 totally reminds me of Dream Theater/John Petrucci. Great stuff.

Maybe check out my stuff? I'd really appreciate it!