I'm about to embark on building a TS808 clone. Brought the kit and a soldering iron - so have all I need to get cracking... but, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

I have a schematic drawing, a bag of bits and a lot of switches and wires! - which means bugger all to me!!! I have just realized as clever as I think I am, I know nothing about electronics!

Has anyone tried to build a clone and are there any good websites with videos or guides for complete beginners?

Determined to do this, but some advice would be good!
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I'd assume the kit came with instructions. And if not, there are either values on the board, or the component numbers on the board match up with those on the schematic.
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If you bought it as a kit it should have come with some sort of instructions or at the very least a parts layout. Building kits is by far the easiest way to clone pedals. You have a PCB and all the parts you need right there. Sure beats having to source your own parts, make a board layout, make the PCB (or build on perfboard), layout, drill, paint, and decal the enclosure, etc.