Hi, my first post here. (:

So I'm not really all that great at guitar. When I play, it's usually playing power chords along with whatever is playing on my iPod. [/n00b] But hey, I do it because it's fun.
I've got three guitars, a Starcaster Strat in drop D (we'll be getting to this one later), a Blacktop Strat (older HH model, not the newer HSH ones) in drop C#, and a Blackout Tele in drop C that has its standard strings and only gets as much fret buzz as it did in standard tuning (yeah idrk how either).
HOWEVER, I'm going off to college here in a couple of months and I'm only taking one of my guitars with me, my Starcaster Strat. (if you're wondering why I even have it, I bought it off of a friend for $100 only to find that it's only really worth $25) I'm replacing all its hardware and I'm putting in Schaller Mini Locking Tuners. I know that Schaller Mini Locking Tuners can only handle up to a certain gauge string, but I'm not sure what it's limits are. My Starcaster Strat DOES have a tremolo, but came really stiff (crafted in China ahaha. Strangely still pretty easy to use though.) so it rarely, if ever, goes out of tune because of the tremolo.

Here's what my question is:
Is it possible to put thick strings that are still small enough to fit in locking tuners that I can tune down to drop A# or drop B and use a capo to use higher drop tunings without too much of a problem? And if so, what gauge strings?
Note that my Tele easily handles drop C with 9 gauge strings without much added string buzz and without being floppy, so I probably won't have to go too thick. But I'd honestly rather not use 9/10 gauge for drop A#...

inb4 wHY U TUNE SO LOW!?1/1>!. So I can play Chevelle and Five Finger Death Punch Songs. Besides, when it comes to drop tunings, baritone territory doesn't really start until drop A.
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