I've fingerpicked for a while now with nails cut down as low as they go. Now that my technique has improved I've decided to grow them out as an extra option. 90% of the time this is fine but I occasionally hit the string with a nail instead of flesh which makes a relatively loud unnecessary sound. Is there some way around this or does it just come down to practice?
do you know the nut width and string spacing on the guitar(s) you play?

while practice helped me a lot, wider nut and string spacing made it all so much easier.
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I had a look and string distance about 1.1 cm. Nut width is about 4.3 cm.
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I always give the same advice.... Take care of your nails as classical guitar players do. The classical approach is to have just enough nail exposed so that the string is "plucked" (as they say) with a combination of flesh and nail that gives a clear tone.
This is not "growing your nails out" as many say.
Mine are hardly different from my left-hand nails... Less than 1/8" long. Yet I get a nice clear tone on both nylon and steel strings.
It's all about the shaping and angling with quality files or very fine sandpaper and a block.
There are dozens of articles on line... Look for "fingernail care for classical guitarists."
I've got weak nails, but I find they work fine if I keep them short, about 1.5 to 2.5mm. When I play both the nail and finger pad hit the strings, so that I have small black string marks on my picking hand fingertips. I keep a small Swiss army knife with scissors and nail file on my keying, for running repairs and maintenance of my nails.