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Not a huge fan of your tone, but your playing was very good! Especially that intro legato phrase, you nailed that!!! I think with a better tone, that would have been as good as the recording. Keep it up man!

I like this tone, but maybe it doesn't sound well because I'm recording with a cheap Behringger Guitar Link...
Thanks, and sure, I'll watch your cover right now

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If Josh Homme were to play this solo, it would sound almost exactly like this, so I have nothing bad to say about it, good job Josh!

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Amm... what?
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I agree with Awesomo that your tone needs some work. Def a good attempt but it lacks a bit of agression for a metal solo. I think with a diff tone and a bit more oomph its gona sound way better. You've got the hard part down. Keep it up dude!

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