Check out 2:05, Screaming while rolling my R's. This song made me feel seriously uncomfortable with myself for a few days after recording it.

This whole song was a freestyle and I was ****ing outta my mind when I released it from inside of me, crawling up the walls of the booth with the mic stapled to the ceiling

I just found a CL ad for a local church looking for a singer. I emailed them my song, I think they'll like it when it comes through their speakers
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Whilst your thread on the metal forum got lots of replies, that doesn't change the fact that this belongs in the Original music subforum of the recording forum.

Also it is even less hardcore punk than it is metal.
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Listened and I did enjoy it, it was quite different than I expected, but thats not always a bad thing.
Congrats, you can talk into the mic really loud, distort your voice, and not even scream at all.
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