Hey guys,

So i'm selling off my DSL head (really just want a change and something that isn't so harsh and bright.)

Looking for something with killer cleans with a decent amount of gain on tap. I really wouldn't be getting much heavier than this gain wise (with OD boost)


Not looking to spend more than 1k.

Help a bro out! cheers
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Used Orange Rockerverb.
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Have you tried retubing your DSL?
What DSL is it?
What speakers are you using?

I have an old DSL100, and it might be a bright amp if you dial it in that way, but mine is quite warm sounding
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Any used Mesa amp, HRD with TS9, AC30 with Ratt. Deluxe Reverb with TS9. Lots of good choices that have stood the test of time. Any amp can be warmed up with skillful use of the tone controls but Fender/Vox/Mesa typically offer the sweetest clean tones with smooth OD.
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well i know that minus the bear use an ac30

The singer does. Dave uses a Mesa Lonestar and a Fender Twin though.

Lonestar would be a good choice. Might be able to get an older one for about 1k but that might be a stretch.
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What are your setting on your DSL? I've had an AC30, orange amps, Mesa's, and a bunch of others over the years and I don't find the DSL harsh at all. Bright yea. But the presence and eq knobs work for that.
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Fender Twin? Or a used Lonestar? I've heard good things around here about the revto/tremoverb (but it has mostly been from trashedlostfdup )
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