I have an american special strat that I love to play but I am not the biggest fan of the texas pick ups. I play a mix of Stoner rock, grunge and a bit of punk rock and I am wondering whats a better pick set to put in it? I have been looking at seymor duncan Strat SHR-1 in the bridge position or the Di Marzio Super distortion S.

I am not a massive lead player. I am just after a good heavy rock tone. I play through a big muff and a phase 90 as well as sometimes a Boss ds1. Thats an idea of my sound set up.
I am not 100% sure what to go with. I still want to make it a nicely set up guitar so I also need some options for the middle and kneck too.

I am a bit of a newb to pick ups. Any help would be awesome.
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You need 69 style pickups for the middle and neck. Something with PE or poly wire, alnico 5magnets, fibre bobbins (not plastic) wound somewhere between 5.9K and 6.5K. PE will sound better but poly would still work very well. Stay away from anything saying formvar. Formvar is what gives you that texas sound. In the bridge going for something with an alnico 5 magnet wound to around 14K. Because you don't want lead tones I wouldn't go with ceramic magnets and because you don't like the texas sound I wouldn't go with alnico 2.

In mass produced pickups I'd say Seymour duncan custom 5 bridge I'm not sure what the majors are making in the vintage single that is not "texas style" now days.
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I like the Idea of the Hot Rails. Had them in my Tele and they worked pretty well for QOTSA stuff. For the others try Cool Rails in the middle and Vintage Rails in the neck. Killer combo.

Or you could just convert to HSS and get this:

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I 'd get something like the JB Jr for the bridge. It is not as compressed sounding as the HR, and it works great for everything you listed, I had one in my old Tele and that sounded amazing
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