Right now I'm using a Squier SA-50 of which I installed some Wilkinson tuners and Graph-Tech tusq bridge pins. Both of these have made a major improvement in the sound of the guitar but I'm now thinking of getting a Fender CD-60 which is within my price range. Anybody ever try one of these and if so, what are your opinions of it ? Thanks.
you won't find many fender acoustic fans here( or just about anywhere). they make excellent electrics but suck at acoustic. I would wait a few more weeks and get something like a Yamaha FG700S. it won't sound like cardboard like the CD60 will.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Thanks for the responses but, I think the best bet is for me to go to Guitar Center and try one out for myself I guess. I'm a Fender guy at heart and am loyal to that brand .
This is an "entry level" laminate guitar. There are a whole bunch of reviews online, both on YouTube and from sources like Guitar Center and such.
They are mostly pretty positive.
However, a lot of the "reviews" are from commercial sources who are actually wanting to sell you the guitar, or from beginners who don't have a lot to say of any value.
Talking about things like "holds it's tune" or whatever.

Again, this is a cheap, laminate guitar. Fender acoustics are not well thought-of by more knowlegeable players, but it might be a perfectly good beginner instrument.
I think most would recommend saving your money to get something just a bit nicer. You can get a nice Yamaha FG model dread with a solid top for only a little more money, for instance.
the CD-60 isn't really an upgrade from the SA-50 - they're both all-laminate entry level guitars. you could get the yamaha FG700. it's got a solid top, which places it firmly a step above the CD-60, and it's not only going to sound better but the ones i've seen have a little more quality control than the fenders.

i'm a huge fan of fender electrics - particularly the basses in the lower price ranges. my favorite bass i own right now is a squier jag SS. the thing is that while fender rocks the lower priced electrics, they are fairly lackluster in the lower ranges of acoustics. if you've gotta go fender, i'd save up for the CD140S, which has a solid top.
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