Hey guys,

I'm the guitarist of a french punk rock band called Flood and we're currently recording our first EP that should be released in July. I wanted you to check out one of the songs and give me any opinion on it (just remember the track has yet to be mastered, so the mix can be a little shaky).

Thanks !

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The mix is a little rough, but very uplifting sounding punk music! I love your voice!!! Fits this style perfect, cant ask for any more in that style. I could definitely see you guys touring, if you would have come out early 2000's you guys would have been up there with green day and that ilk. Great stuff! LOVED IT!
Nice stuff!! Good quality punk right here. You might wanna consider more layering on the vocals, just to give it more thickness. It is pre-master, so I'm sure it'll sound even better than it does now. I really can't say much other than the fact that it is a very solid punk song.

Check out my song?
Hey mate and thanks a lot for your feedback and kind words! I'll reply to it in my thread. But now for your song.

I really like what I hear. Good, quality, classic sounding pop-punk. All what you need really. I like the atmpsphere in this I think it's clear that you are genuine in the music you are creating, which is probably the most important thing. You sounds very good, the synchron is good and I think the harmonized vocal lines are very decent!

In general - very good job and I honestly enjoyed this one! Will check your other song in a bit too. Keep it up guys, I gave you a like as well!