I am looking to buy a new solid state combo amp that is versatile enough for all of my tastes. You know, just something I can practice on, take to band rehearsal, and have for back-up of my main rig. My tastes range from pretty much exactly all distortions and cleans that the Peavey Bandit 112 and Fender Champion 100 put out, but which one dioes it better in your opinion? I know they're solid states, but which one is a better quality solid state??
The Peavey Bandit is a awesome amp if you want something solid state. Also worth noting solid state =/= bad :-)
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I have had Peaveys and Fenders both are great use you ears and comp[are then side by side using just your guitar and solid state isn't bad just different . a JC120 is solid stae and has the best sound for cleananywhere. while I've played Marsahlls that were less thanappealing for crunch and od but some are superb!