I have read online that surge protectors provide little protection to spikes. So I have been thinking about a power conditioner to protect my amp from spikes and outages. What do you guys think?
If you have the money go ahead, it deff won't hurt anything having one. I personally have ben playing for 20yrs and have never owned a power conditioner, only surge protectors
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Surge protectors will usually protect from large spikes. What they won't do is protect or correct smaller over/under voltage. Unless you're running vintage gear (tube amps especially which might have been designed for 110V and the resistors have drifted) or a studio where noise floor is of utmost importance, you don't generally need a power conditioner.

It can't do any harm to have one, of course, and more protection and a more consistent line voltage are always good, but if your home is even halfway competently wired you shouldn't need one, and if it's not you've got bigger problems than your amp.
I just blew my 70s deluxe last night because of a power SHORTAGE. That's actually more trouble and cause for concern than spikes as they are not common (unless you're playing in some 3rd world country or off a generator, or I suppose if there's a lightning strike).