A Schecter Banshee I picked up a bit ago. Solid guitar for the money. The EMGs sound surprisingly good and you cant beat the features at this price point. Highly recommended!

Want to Buy:

Gotta get me a Banshee 8...
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Are you dying of some rare tropical disease and just clearing your G.A.S. list?

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Nice pickup man!

I actually bought my Jackson SL1 when I was drunk at guitar center last year lol Best purchase ever haha!
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Do you actually hang on to all of these or are you one of those guys who never stops flipping?
HNGD. Again!

Dude you need an intervention
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Nice I'm not that fussed on how some of the schecters look, but that one's actually very nice.
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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Presumably because the CCF (Combined Corksniffing Forces) of MLP and Gibson forums would rise up against them, plunging the land into war.

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Do Banshees have the same neck profile as Hellraisers and almost every other Schecter line? The SLS line is different, but everything else usually feels like the necks all came out of the same parts bin.
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Nice I'm not that fussed on how some of the schecters look, but that one's actually very nice.

+a lot
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