Hi all,

I've been an acoustic player for about a year now and looking to start playing electric guitar.

I recently found this guitar available for sale. It's $100, used. The brand is 'Memphis'.

I wouldn't pay more than $65-70 for it. It is a cheap no-name guitar
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Heck no. You could get a nice epiphone Les Paul jr for $100 instead of that junk.
Hang on now folks. If that is a MIJ Lawsuit-era Memphis it might be a real player. The Memphis brand was imported during the late 70s thru early 80s and they essentially had 3 lines of guitars.

1. Bottom basement value-priced guitars that were pretty terrible. A LP copy with bolt-on neck was the worst of the lot. Slash owned one of these.

2. Decent quality MIK student guitars that played well and looked pretty good. Similar to many Squiers and Epis from Korea today.

3. Excellent MIJ knockoffs of Gibson and Fender major products that played as good or better than the real Gibbys and Fenders of the time. These are sleepers and keepers.

The trick is figuring out which one you have as they usually don't have serial #s. If it says Made in Japan and plays like the real thing it is a keeper and definitely worth $100. Looking at the finish and hardware I would guess this is a #2 MIK student quality. Play it and see what you think.


This one was MIJ and is very good quality:
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