Loved your shreddy parts man!!!!! I wish i had the chops you have!!!!! How long have you been playing? You have some very unique note choice in those fast parts as well. BUT, to be blunt, i was not a fan of that harmony part. It sounded very.........off. The vibrato was kind of rough, and the notes just didnt fit. BUT DUDE AFTER THAT, holy goddddddddddddddd that was like the most epic run ive ever heard!!! I WOULD LOVE to learn that run! What are you doing there?
Thanks a lot for your comment! Means a lot coming from such a good player. The last lick is a sequence of major and minor 7th arpeggios. It was inspired by this video... (around min. 3:10)


He explains it a little bit, I'm sure you will get it really easily.

I've been playing guitar for 6 years
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