what's the best things for a beginner like myself to practice on?
played years ago but it was back some 20 years ago and I have now got 2 nice guitars and was wanting to get some opinions from you all to start really practicing on. should I start with chords? or just simple finger movements on the frets.
I have been reading through a lot of the lessons on here and thought I would ask your alls opinion
Justin Guitar Beginners Course.


Just work through it.
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Yeah, most people will recommend Justin Guitar. So go with that.
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Yeah Justin Guitar is excellent. Or check out some instructional books in the style you're interested in. Of course some are better than others so you might want to get a variety of them. But the better ones teach all aspects of playing in an organized manner.
I guess that book is probably good but don't suck all the fun out of playing the guitar. Also download some tabs of easy songs that you like. This will teach you chords and finger movement and keep it fun.

Some good songs to start with are “Horse with no name” and “House of the Rising Sun” for acoustic or “Smoke on the Water” and “Smells like teen spirit” for electric.

Better yet you could even get your hands on rocksmith 2014 which is a ton of fun.

I'm not saying just do these 2 things but if you do this and the Justin Guitar book you will probably get really good really fast considering you have a basic understanding of the instrument.