wanting to hang my guitars in the house to keep my little girl away from them. what wall mount do you all use
was looking at the fretrest one
Ive got two Hercules ones. The ones with the metal sort of triange shaped back with three screw holes in.

Was a bit aprehensive about using them but seem really solid. I used my own screws though rather than the ones that came with them. They seemed a little on the small side
I have Hercules and Fretrests. The Hercules are nice because they "grab" the guitar, but the fretrest is ok, too. Make sure you find studs in the wall if you can (obviously).
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Off The Wall hangers are the best IMO.

Off The Wall is the name of a brand of wall hangers even though the name sounds just the opposite. No need for locks on the OTW's, your guitar isn't going anywhere once you hang it there.
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I have FretRest in one room and Hercules in another. I'd say I prefer the Hercules, just because of the way they "lock" the guitar in place, but the FretRest ones are cheap and work just fine. The only reason I bought the Hercules hangers is because they were on sale for cheaper than the FretRests - not sure I'd spend the extra money on them if they weren't on sale, unless I was afraid someone was going to bump into them, or try and grab at them. Never had issues with either, just make sure you mount them on a stud. If I remember correctly, the Hercules came with puny little screws - I had some nice, long, ones in the garage that I felt much more comfortable using.
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