A quick question.

My pc burned down and am getting a new one. I can confirm the harddrive is intact, but I have a problem.

I have a few recent projects which I need to continue fast! Now I could just search for the raw audio and import them in new projects. Now this takes a long time, not to mention plugin configurations. Nigh impossible perhaps.

So I was wondering if I could copy the projects to a new live project map, and move the folder with all the raw audio over to a new map and if this would auto connect, or at least prompt a "files missing choose folder" message.

An added bonus if plugins would be recognised and I wonder how much (if any) (non native) plugin info at all is saved in the project data.

But just having the tracks layed out as raw audio within the original project would jog my memory to at least re-amp some guitar tracks.

This would really help me out a lot guys.

Btw I'm also going from a Mac back to a windows machine..not too sure but I think both OSes use the same Ableton file extension. At least all the raw audio is in wav.


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