It's all up to you...which one is more comfortable..?? Which one caters to your technique more...??

Guthrie does that because his speed picking technique requires his pick to be parallel to the strings...it just works for him...

Then you have other speed pickers who place their arms at various different angles...

You have to find what's for you...I cant tell you what degree you should be angling your arm.
"Well, yeah, sometimes I get a little too creative."
~Bruce Dickinson~

"Various equipments"
You might want to put a small footstool under your right foot to hold the guitar up a little higher. Like a 6" footstool. See how that feels. And if you don't like it then go back to the way you were doing it

If nothing else it helps with keeping your guitar from feeling like it wants to go sliding down you leg, and if your arm doesn't have to hold the guitar in place, it's got nothing to do but play music.
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