I have recently decided to part with my current 7-stringer. I have no idea what this guitar is worth nowadays - I have checked out rondomusic.com and they don't seem to have the guitar in stock anymore (not sure if discontinued?).

Anyways, I was hoping to get a little insight from anyone that possibly might know about the worth and resell value of this particular guitar: Agile Interceptor Pro 727 EB Camo

Rondomusic.com seems to be the main? retailer for Agile guitars.

below is a link to the site that I purchased the Interceptor with all identical stats and specs:


Thank you very much to anyone who might be able to help!
I'd say ask $400-450 and expect $300-350.
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Quote by TheStig1214
I'd say ask $400-450 and expect $300-350.

Thank you!