Looking for 2 songs in particular. "Dimmed to Failure" and "Corpse Collector". Can someone help a brother out...
I just put on Doomed to Failure, the guitars actually have great definition for metal. When I figure songs out by ear I open them in audacity and I always start by figuring out the rhythm or bass guitar, they are the easiest. For faster parts with actual riffing instead of just chords I'll select the section and use "Change Tempo" and decrease it by 38-50%. Then there's a lot of play,stop,play,stop,repeat.
I'm only saying this because you could probably do it yourself. I know for me, if I don't have the drive to figure out a song by ear, I definitely won't have the drive to actually learn and play the whole thing.
Tbh, tabbing out a song is not a small ask. It's the kind of thing that can easily take over 10 hours for an accurate tab of a semi technical song.

If you take into consideration the skills required to do said task too, e.g. musical theory knowledge and ability to play guitar with a highly tuned ear as opposed to asking someone to wash up the sink,

I think it's perfectly reasonable to charge at least $25 an hour to fufill your task, so unless you have a spare $500 lying around I wouldn't even bother.

Go learn your theory, go get a decent DAW like reaper where you can slow down the tracks / eq the tracks to have the guitar coming through louder while retaining pitch and tab the songs out yourself.
No one gives a shit that you want a subpar bands tabs. this sub-forum is for posting original material.
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