What a beautiful guitar! I couldn't be happier... aside from the fact that the day after I get it my amp craps out. BUT, getting it fixed soon. This is one of the most solid guitars I've ever played. The bridge is the greatest trem I've ever used. Stays in tune and has a better/smoother sound than a MIA Strat (in my opinion). Through an amp this is a crunchy and beefy sounding guitar. The pickups are clear, crisp, and noiseless. I love the finish (with a couple light marks) and the wood is stunning. Neck is nice and fast, though a little odd to me because I've never owned a guitar with 24 frets. Probably my favorite part of the instrument. Amazing sound, amazing feel, and I can't wait to play it more through my rig once it's up and running! Oh, and the kicker... I live in San Luis Obispo, where the factory is. So it's pretty sweet seeing my city on the back of the headstock. Now for some hot pictures... ENJOY!
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Also, contacted Ernie Ball and they said they would date it to around 1989. WOOHOO!

And here's the photo of the fingerboard I forgot to add...