So, I have a used Yamaha Pacifica 112 from 2007(ish) and a new Pacifica 112V (2013-14 or so)

The 112 (2007) is much MUCH louder than the 112V. Does anyone know why? Do you think that perhaps the pickups of the 2007 were switched up (and if so, how do I find out what kind of pickups they are?)

The strings on both guitars are the same, as is the wood of the body, i believe. The only differences that I've been able to find online is that the 112V uses Alnico V pickups, whereas the 112 (2007) uses a lesser quality pickup.

You might want to check if one of them has active pickups, because these give a louder output signal. Also check how close your pickups are to the strings. If one of them is a lot closer, it will also give a louder output signal, and is thus able to create a louder sound when amplified. You can adjust this with a simple screwdriver.

Do you know the brands of pickups? If so, you could look up if one of them is an active pickup, or if one a better quality. Poorly wound pickups can also provide a lower output signal.
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check the heights aren't radically different as Sn@il! said.

check you don't have the coil split engaged.

could be something wrong with the wiring, too.

i suppose they could have pickups with very different outputs since they changed the spec on the pickups but i'm guessing that's less likely than those first 3 things.
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