Hey all, had a chance to lay down some of my own tracks in the studio. I manage a recording studio, but haven't had a chance to make time for myself much. These are two that I layed down. I did everything on the songs including recording mixing and mastering. Makes it easier for now. Let me know what you think please! C4C and you can check out Sunshine or 24 Karat, heres the link:


Thanks for feedback, I appreciate it.
I really enjoy the intro to Sunshine! Immediately a great song to me. The vocals are a bit too far in front of the mix though...I'd really like to crank this song to feel the instruments pounding!

24 Karat is absolutely perfect though. I think you've got yourself a new follower!
Thanks guys! I can hear what you mean on the sunshine recording. Things got a little messy during the mastering process. I'll go back and tighten the mix and remaster it. Thanks for the constructive criticism, that really helps a lot! Glad you enjoyed, I'll tune into your projects as well, thanks for following.